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Tyne Tees Dockyard Ltd, Hebburn (1994 - 1998)

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The Hebburn Dock shipbuilding complex had been developed by Swan Hunter Ltd but was effectively in mothballs when the company went into receivership in 1993. In 1994 Albert Le Blond purchased the yard from the Official Receiver with a view to returning the complex to ship repairs and conversions rather than shipbuilding. At this time there was only one dock, the 850ft dock that was bult by Vickers in 1962. The other dock, 700ft long and built by Stephenson in 1904, had been filled in and built over by Swan Hunter as part of their redevelopment of the yard as a shipbuilding facility in 1973.

Albert Le Blond had founded the Wear Dockyard Group in 1974 and he set the Hebburn Yard up as a separate company within the Group called Tyne Tees Dockyard Ltd. For the next four years the company thrived on a succession of complex ship conversions including ship surgery such as lengthening and deepening vessels. Most of these conversions were for the offshore market. Interspersed with the conversions were routine drydockings and repairs. However on the 20th of August 1998 the sale of the company to Cammell Laird Ltd was announced.

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Above photo, showing BERGE HUGIN in dock, is copyright of Kevin Blair