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White's Oil Burning Co, Hebburn

White's Marine Engineering Co Ltd, Hebburn

Above map shows the location of the White's company in Hebburn. Map, dated 1935, is copyright of the Ordnance Survey

The obituary for William Albert White of White's Marine Engineering at Hebburn. 1940
WILLIAM ALBERT WHITE, who was well known for his contributions to marine engineering, particularly the White "Economy" engine and the White oil-burning system, was born in Sunderland in 1879 and studied at South Shields Marine School before serving his apprenticeship with the Middle Docks and Engineering Company Ltd at South Shields, from 1895 to 1900. He then went to sea as third engineer, subsequently obtaining his Board of Trade certificates as second, chief, and extra chief engineer. In 1904 he was employed on installing and running turbines in destroyers, for Parsons Marine Steam Turbine Co Ltd at Wallsend and was guarantee engineer on the first turbine vessel which crossed the Atlantic in 1904. This vessel was TURBINIA which was built by Hawthorn Leslie and should not be confused with its illustrious namesake, now on display in the Discovery Museum. He superintended the construction and installation of the first marine turbines built in the USA and from 1910 to 1916 was the owner of marine repair works in New York. He then disposed of the business and returned to England.

Mr White invented a patent oil-burning system, and installed it in many vessels he also invented a pulverizer and the White patent compound steam engine. In 1918 he took charge of the building of several oil storage depots at Southampton, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Avonmouth for the British Mexican Petroleum Company. In 1922 he founded White's Oil Burning Company, later incorporated in White's Marine Engineering Company Ltd. He made several highly successful inventions, most notably the White Low Pressure Mechanical Oil-Burning System, which was fitted in the BERENGARIA. The firm established new works at Hebburn-on-Tyne, and in 1934 the cargo steamer Adderstone received Mr White's system of high-speed high-pressure reciprocating engines, exhausting into a low-pressure turbine which was geared to the propeller shaft. Mr White was chairman and managing director of the firm until his death, which occurred on 9th June 1940. He was also chairman of the White Shipping Company Ltd and a director of several other companies. He was elected a Member of the Institution in 1934 and was also a Member of the Institution of Naval Architects.

Above advert shown the White's factory in Hebburn. Image is courtesy of John Bage

Above advert is courtesy of Kevin Blair

Above advert is courtesy of John Bage

Above advert is courtesy of John Bage

Sunderland Daily Echo, Wednesday, 10/06/1936