A history of Tyne shipbuilders and the ships that they built




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KEY: D / H / P - D means basic dimensions are shown; H means a history is given; P means one or more photographs included.
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Ships built in the year 1820

Ship Name Year Builder D / H / P
George and Mary 1820 WM Boutland, Bill Quay D / H
Industry 1820 John Bowlt, Gateshead
Tyne (TT) 1820 John Bowlt, Gateshead D / H
Two Brothers (TT) 1820 B Davison, South Shields D / H
Charles William 1820 Thomas Forsyth, South Shields D / H
Carley 1820 Gateshead (unspecified builder) D / H
Indefatigable (TT) 1820 Robert Hudson, Howdon D / H
Hambletonian 1820 Laing & Co, South Shields
John & Mary 1820 Newcastle (unspecified builder) D / H
James 1820 James Shotton, South Shore, Gateshead
Shallett 1820 Straker & Barras, South Shields
Two Brothers 1820 Garthun Wall, North Shields D / H
Duchess of Northumberland (TT) 1820 W Wright, Howdon Pans D / H
Union (TT) 1820 W Wright, South Shields D / H